About – Fire of the Heart Gallery


 Hello! My name is Becca Heavrin.

I'm the artist and owner of Fire of the Heart Gallery located at the historic Greenbank Farm on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

The gallery is a retail space for my work which includes painting, mixed media artwork, sculptures made out of a variety of materials, and hand made gifts. My large paintings are vibrantly colorful and have calming, meditative compositions. They reflect a process of improvisational painting where I work with what's on the canvas as it evolves to completion. I look at what the piece needs, in the moment, which creates an opening to what the piece will become. I keep adding marks, colors, and layers until I know the painting is done and ready to hang on the wall.

Painting is the core of what I do, although I work in many mediums and am having fun filling the space in the gallery with a wide variety of handmade things. The process of creating in other mediums feeds and replenishes my spirit, which allows me to come back to my larger painting works with a fresh eye. I like making beautiful things, no matter what material I'm creating with and I focus on balance of colors and compositions in my work. I like to create items that bring joy and reflect an alive and engaged life. I hope to inspire imagination and wonder through my art. 

If you are in the area, stop by and say hello!